Busted sun roof neglects to serve its own purpose and also starts to become more of an inconvenience. Here is the way to restore a defective sun roof or correct a leaky person.

Sun roofs are made to let oxygen into the car for passengers to allow sun in to your vehicle. The vast majority of cars nowadays include a sun roof. They are manual or automatic, depending upon the auto version. If your vehicle doesn’t need a sunroof, then it’s possible to even have one installed after on.

Ordinarily, a crack or leakage onto the sun roof demands a repair job. In the event there are cracks, it’s a good idea to restore the sun roof, as re-pairing will still make it perfect. On the flip side, leakages are for the most part due to the accumulation of debris or dirt round the sealswater flushing at the drain tube.

Broken Sun Roof

There are two big issues usually faced by cars using sun roof. This could be a busted sun roof or perhaps a leaky one. In the event of the former, then it’s wise to restore the sun roof as opposed to repairing it.

  •     Hammer
  •     Screw Drivers
  •     Hand-gloves
  •     Wrench
  •     Sun Roof installment kit
  •     Utility Knife
  •     Vacuum frill machine


  1. You will find various sun roof models out there on the marketplace.

You want to choose one that can be acceptable for the vehicle.

Once you obtain the sun roof of one’s own choice, assess whether parts while in the sun roof repair kit are offered by the producer or perhaps not.

2. Maintain the template you’ve gotten from the correct kit to the surface of your roof. It should match the gap onto the sun roof already present. This can allow you to get a rough picture for work. Remove the sun roof panel in the vehicle. Assess each part and determine whether it’s in working condition or not. Look throughout the roofing carefully to come across some faulty part that could require replacement or repair.

3. Crank the roofing open with a 4mm hex socket, to correctly inspect the fault on your cracked sun roof. Because it isn’t possible to start the sun roof thoroughly after shoving the Head Liner supporting, pick beforehand if it’s essential or not.

4. Simply take the broken sun roof as soon as you’ve detected the parts that necessitate replacement. Fix all broken parts with no restrictions. To isolate the repaired sun roof, you might have to make small alterations that it matches nicely.


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