A leaky sunroof is a bothersome and frequently occurring problem for automobile owners. Professional sunroof repair can cost upwards of $250 for the labor alone. Not to mention the parts you’ll need to pay for. But not to worry, here we have a guide on how you can repair your sunroof yourself and save some money!

The Leaky Sunroof Repair Process:

First thing’s first – you need to clean your sunroof glass! Oftentimes, leaky sunroofs are caused by no more than dirt built up in your car’s drainage tubing. Use a cleaning solution to clear off any debris from the glass panel on top of your car before cracking open the ventilation shade and sunroof to clean as well.

Pay attention during this process. Play around with the ventilation shade and sunroof, looking for any dirt preventing a tight seal when your sunroof is closed. Use your cleaning solution to get rid of this debris as well before moving on to the next step.

In many cases, clearing any debris blocking the sunroof from closing tightly will have solved your leaky sunroof issue. If it didn’t, the next thing to do is examine the seal itself. You are looking for any sort of small cracks or broken pieces which water may be draining through.

If the seal itself is cracked or broken, get in touch with a local car manufacturer or repair store to substitute it with a new one for you. If you’re feeling confident, you can try to replace the seal yourself.

After analyzing the seal (and fixing it if necessary), you should inspect the drainage tubes themselves. You are looking for any clogging in the tubes, or water stuck inside of them. Grab a coathanger or any sort of thin wire you can get your hands on. You want to probe the drainage tubes with the cable to clear up any clogs in the tubes.

Note: Make sure that you are using a thin wire which can easily fit into the drainage tubes. Too much pressure on the inside of the tubes can cause tears and will lead to you having to spend more money to replace them. That’s exactly what we’re trying to avoid by handling the sunroof repair on our own!

After clearing up whatever clogs you may have found in the tubing, it’s a good idea to test them to make sure you didn’t miss anything. You can use the same wire from the previous step to probe the tubes and look for any debris that you may have missed the first time around. After that, go ahead and pour some water through each of the tubes to ensure that it flows through and does not stop still.

If you followed the steps in this guide, you have most likely succeeded in fixing your leaky sunroof. Congratulations! If these steps did not solve your problem, then it’s likely there is a deeper issue that may require help from a professional. The most probable cause for this would be a cracked seal that requires replacement or deep congestion in the tubing which will require disassembly around your sunroof.

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