Need to repair your convertible top? Knowing the process behind convertible top repair will save you a lot of money. It’s a simple fix and you can avoid paying a professional auto repair service altogether!

A number of the repairs are absolutely effortless, and car owners are able to effectively carry out them minus needing assistance. Learning just how exactly to correct a convertible top will allow you to understand new skills that you would otherwise pay a mechanic for. So, let’s jump right into the process!

Convertible Top Repair Methods:

1. Sew it up

In the event the convertible top has sustained any sort of damage, then you can use a carefully curved needle along with strong ribbon or cable as stitching. All you need to do here is patch up any holes or tears in the cloth or vinyl top.

Bear in mind, this step may require some patience. Depending on how bad the damage is, you may have to spend some time to make sure you do this just right. We suggest that you adhere to a cross stitch pattern which will ensure that the stitching does not come undone after the fact. It’s the first idea for effective convertible top restore with no difficulties.

2. Glue and tape

If sewing isn’t your thing, don’t worry! You can get the job done using just glue and tape.

Get in the vehicle and apply masking tape to cover up underneath of this tear. It’s crucial, as it’s going to support the damage and block the adhesive from leaking to the upper interior. Masking may keep the ribbon or cable from breaking up, as you’re working on building an upgraded patch.

After covering the tear from underneath, use a strong glue within the seam to prevent it from separating. Make sure that the glue you are using is powerful enough to keep its adhesiveness over time. Otherwise, you may find yourself having to repair the top again sooner than later.

Then cut a bit of marine canvas to cover up the tear, but be certain that you cut 1 or 2 inches extra. This will allow you to contour it just right to your convertible top so that it looks professionally done.

Now, wait until the paste is dry and remove the tape which you applied on the inside of your car in the first step and you’re good to go! If you want, you can follow the steps in the first method to sew the canvas easily now that the separation is already removed.

We advise that you apply adhesive to the ribbons and cable to finish your convertible top repair.

As soon as you’ve taken good care of stitching the replacement patch of this canvas on one side of the convertible top, pay all of stitched holes with the same adhesive. You are able to employ a coating round the sewing or put small beads of adhesive between your ribbon or cable.

This is going to continue to keep the moisture out from the rain or air, which would otherwise soak the repaired area and potentially leak into your car. Be generous with the adhesive to make sure this doesn’t become a problem.


Be certain that you wash the hands after completing the repair to wipe off any residual adhesive. We advise that you use a pair of scissors to remove any excess canvas from the repaired area. Complete a final inspection of the repair and look for any excess material that you should cut off.

Now that you have completed the convertible top repair process, make sure to read up on how to keep your convertible top in good condition.

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