When contemplating potential issues with retractable automobile sunroofs, there’s 1 problem that pops up again and again: leaking sunroofs. Hearing water sloshing around on the roof of your car is disconcerting, at best. Water leaking into your car under heavy rain or a car wash is even worse. Luckily, fixing a leaky sunroof is normally straightforward and doesn’t require much equipment.

In many cases, the flow of water originates from the seal surrounding the sunroof glass. When dealing with this, a clear silicone sealant is usually the ideal option, as it will match any color and fix the leak. A thin bead of silicone will be almost impossible to notice.

When the seal isn’t the issue, the next step is to assess if the drains are blocked. This dilemma is different because sunroofs, which can be constructed in order to tilt along, aren’t perfectly sealed. Automobile manufacturers expect water to trickle beyond the glass so there’s only a water tray in place to capture and redirect the water off of the car.

At every corner of the port, you can find drain tubes which run within the vehicle, an average of supporting the A- and C-pillars via a vent near the soil. These empty tubes could possibly become clogged with insects, dirt, and other debris. Once the drains are clogged they stop functioning and allow water to slide through — sometimes directly onto your own head! You are able to resolve this issue with merely a couple of tools from your favorite auto parts shop.

Be careful if you are utilizing an air rifle to blow the drains out, because this could just blow off the drain tubes, leading to a longer, more difficult repair.

Purchase a foot of plastic tube that is elastic and small enough to easily fit into the sunroof drain tube. Afterwards, at the plumbing department, you will have to locate fittings to accommodate your shop-vac into the tube. You likely do not need to be worried about adhesive, nevertheless, you may desire a clamp to grip the tube into the matching. Lastly, use your shop-vac to suck on the drains to clear out any residual water. Make sure you vacuum any additional debris out of the tray to keep it from occurring again.

Fish-Tape Strategy — In the auto parts store, request a more“worldwide” speedometer cable, usually less than $10. This coiled cable is flexible enough to flex at the sunroof drain tubes, but also rigid enough to push out any debris. Uncoil that the speedometer cable and then ‘fish’ it throughout the tube, lightly bending and twisting and prodding and soon you loosen the debris!

All these DIY hints will save You time and money.

Nevertheless, the perfect method to keep up your sunroof is to prevent issues from occurring in the first place. To that end, it’s a fantastic idea to wash out the water and vacuum clean the sunroof drains at the very least two times per year. After that, scatter the sunroof slides to maintain them prevent binding and wear. Bear in mind, when the damage is more serious than you feel comfortable dealing with, you should find a reputable professional auto-repair tech to help you with your automobile sunroof repair.


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